April 22nd & 23rd Recap


Basic Truth: Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Memory Verse: “God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son.” John 3:16 GNT

Key Question: Who is the best?

Bottom Line: Jesus is the Best!

Bible Story: Peter The Rock – Matthew 16: 17-18

Now that the celebration of Easter is over and we remembered the amazing news that Jesus is alive, we saw that Peter wasn’t going to keep it to himself. If Easter was just for him, then he may not have needed to tell anyone. He could have gone back to being a loud-talking fisherman just like he was before Jesus asked for Peter to follow Him. That’s not what he did, though. Peter decided that He was going to keep the miracle of Easter to himself. He told everyone he could tell that Jesus is the Best!

You can use the take home materials to remind your child of this lesson throughout the week:
April Parent Guide Week 4


When Easter came and Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples must have thought they were dreaming. First, you see your Friend and Mentor killed and three days later you see Him standing in front of you.  To make things even more dream-like, that same Friend was lifted in into Heaven right before their eyes. Jesus made a big splash while He was here and He changed the world forever but suddenly He was gone…

And the disciples could only stare in awe of what just happened…

And they probably asked themselves…. Now what?

This week, we learned that the disciples were given a special task just before Jesus ascended. He told the disciple to “GO”. Go everywhere. Go as far and wide as possible to as many places as possible and tell them about the Gospel. The disciples got the message and they spent their lives spreading the Good News of Jesus. That leads us to the Bottom Line this week:

I can put others first because Jesus put me first.

We get to continue the mission that Jesus gave His disciples all those years ago. When we choose to share Jesus’ love with others, we’re putting them first. We pray that kids will realize that they have an important role in God’s One Big Story.

Go even deeper with these take home materials:
April Parent Guide Week 4
April GodTime Week 4

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