August Series is Upon Us!

July has now come and gone and August now has its turn to shine with our New Series!


This Month we are starting a brand new series Wonderful World!

The Bible is full of amazing stories, but none are more incredible than creation. Throughout this series we will learn how God made the Plants and animals, Dark and Light, and well… us! We want to teach that God made everything wonderful which includes us and by knowing this we hope that the kids will see how unique we are and how we are each made for an amazing purpose.

Our memory verse for this month comes from 2 Samuel 7:23 – “You have done great and wonderful things.” 

God made the land and plants and they are wonderful.

God made the water and sky and they are wonderful.

God made the animals and they are wonderful.

God made people and they are wonderful.


This month, starts our new series Drum line: Respect the Rhythm

God is the all-powerful, Creator of the universe. There is no one else who has the position or power of God. We can’t help but respond to Him with respect. 

Respect is a response to the character of God.  

When it comes to people, everyone is important for two reasons: God made them in His image and Jesus died for them. That’s why respect is also a reflection of the character of Christ in us. When we see people like Jesus sees them, we can show everyone they matter to God.

 For those of you that remember in the main services with Pastor Tim we recently had a series named Honor In The House, where respect played a large role in not just to each other but that same respect held to God. We want to bring the same message to the kids as society brings a message of rebellion, dishonour and a “me” oriented society. By bringing respect back into our lives and apply it to our friendships, family, elders and most importantly God we can see an amazing difference in our lives and those around us.

Our Memory Verse for June comes from 1 Peter 2:17  

17 “Show proper respect to everyone, Love the family of believers, Have respect for God.”

Respect is how we look up to whether it be our parents or a person who did amazing things. Jesus is no exception from this as he died for us just so we could be free from sin!

We cannot wait for all of what is to come this month!

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