Falling into our September Series!

Summer vacation has passed with school upon us and with it our new series!


This Month we are bringing in new our series Super Kids!

In a time where superheroes are portrayed every day, it is no secret many kids want to be super. This month we want to help our preschoolers know that when God is with them they can do incredible things. With God we can be brave, we can be wise, and we can be strong. We want your kids to know they can be super with God at our side.

Key Question: Who is always with you?

Bottom Line: God is always with me.

Basic Truth: God loves me.

Our memory verse for this month comes from Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid . . . for the Lord your God goes with you.” 

When God is with me, I can be brave.

When God is with me, I can be strong.

When God is with me, I can be courageous.

When God is with me, I can be wise.

We look forward to all the amazing things we have in store for September.


This month we begin our new series Lunchroom Friendship!

God desires a relationship with us. That’s why He created us in the first place. When we sinned and broke that relationship, God continued to pursue us. God sacrificed His only Son to make it possible for us to have a relationship with Him again.

Our theme for this month is friendship – a response of the character of God, but what makes a good friend? This month we are going to take a look at some of the most important friendships in the Bible to see what qualities make a great friend.

This month we will be asking the following questions

What makes someone a good friend?

What does it mean to accept a friend?

When a friend hurts you, how do you respond?

How can you be a friend this week?

Jesus demonstrated friendship in the most generous way possible. He showed us the greatest love when He laid down His life for His friends. He went to the cross, not on principle or for a cause, but because of love and so we can be with God forever.

We cannot wait for all of what is to come this month!

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