Treating you to our October Kids Series!


This Month as we start the season off with our October series Zig Zag Zone!

We know things are going to happen in our preschoolers’ lives where they will need God’s help—times when their lives will zig one way and then zag another. We want them to grow up believing that God loves them and can help them anywhere, with anything, no matter how hard it may be. He can even help them help others! We will focus on the life of David from the Bible and the many Zigs and Zags, goods and bads in his life and how God was with him every step of the way!


Memory Verse: “We have the Lord our God to help us.” 2 Chronicles 32:8, NLT

Key Question: Who can help you?

Bottom Line: God can help me.

Basic Truth: God loves me.

The Bottom lines.

God can help me anywhere.

God can help me do anything.

God can help me do hard things.

God can help me help others.


This month brings us our new series Use it or Lose it: Stewardship!

In Psalm 24:1, we read, The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, (NIV). In other words, whatever we have isn’t really ours. God created the entire world—the land and sea, planets and galaxies, animals and people. And when people create, those people do so because of the gift and talents that God gave them. It’s our job to take care of what God has loaned us for a time to use in order to bring Him glory.

Jesus put stewardship into action. He used the time He had on earth wisely, never wasting a moment, but always working towards God’s plan. He used what He had—from bread and fish to dirt and spit—to perform miracles, helping people see and eat. Everything Jesus did showed us how we can take care of God’s stuff by using it the way that points people to God and fulfills the mission God has for our lives.


With so much happening in October we cannot wait for all that is in store!

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