Week 3 Recap


This week we continued our kids November series Recipe for Thanks, where preschoolers are exploring all the ingredients for a grateful heart!

Week Three

Memory Verse: “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart.” Psalm 111:1, ESV

Key Question: Who can you thank for everything?

Bottom Line: I can thank God for everything.

Basic Truth: God made me.

Story: I am thankful for people who help me.

Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz • Ruth 1–2

Some of you may recognize this story as this is the current message series in the main service with Pastor Tim where we wanted to show that when your children are going through hard times that God will always put someone in our lives that will help us through tough times.

 Naomi had been living in Moab until a series of terrible circumstances had forced her to return to Judah where she had lived before a famine had forced her to move away. However, one of her widowed daughters in law begged Naiomi to allow her to join her back to Judah. Despite not being able to care for her without a husband Naiomi lets her and they make the trip back. While they settled back in it was clear Naiomi would not be able to work much since she has gotten older to Ruth set out to collect leftover barley for food. While Ruth worked tirelessly in the field the owner, Boaz noticed her working and asked a servant for her story who told him how she had decided to leave her family and life behind to help Naiomi. Upon hearing this he immediately called her over and offered her many great perks from being able to collect the same water the servants drank from and collecting part of the harvest for herself and Naiomi.

Ruth had no way of knowing what she and Naomi would come across but she knew she would need help. Even more amazing is that she happened to come across Boaz’s field who would be a man willing to help them out with sharing his harvest even though he could have just let her pick the leftover barley and move on to another field. Without these acts of kindness, we would hear a very different story about Ruth and Naomi. It is stories like this that help us to say I am thankful for those that help me.” 

Feel free to use this guide to revisit this lesson throughout your week: Week 3 Parent Guide


This Week we begin our series ReFocus: Know Where to Look where we have been talking about how Gratitude is a response to the character of God.   

Week Three

Key Question: What are creative ways to say thank you? Saying thank you doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Kids will discover all sorts of fun ways they can show gratitude to the people in their life.

We will take a look at a powerful story in Luke 17:11-19 about ten lepers who asked Jesus to be healed. It is worth mentioning that leapers were treated as if they did not exist and nobody ever gave them any attention. One of the lepers, a Samaritan heard rumors that Jesus was coming their way and that he could heal them. When Jesus came down the road the lepers approached them begging to have him take mercy on them. Jesus instructed them to go see the priests of the town, and along the way, the leprosy was cured! The men cheered and ran off to see the priests but one turned back and thanked Jesus for healing him. Out of the 10, he was the only one who turned back.

Bottom Line: Say thank you. We want kids to become the kind of people who take the time to go out of their way to show gratitude towards others. Even when we have our difficult days where it may be hard to be grateful for anything, remember all of the amazing and wonderful things he has done for you.

Feel free to use this guide to revisit this lesson throughout your week: God Times Week 3

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