Week 2 Recap


This week we continued into our second week of Special Delivery where we take the time to celebrate the wonderful but often overlooked story of the birth of Jesus! 

Week Two

Memory Verse: “God has given a son to us.” Isaiah 9:6, NCV

Key Question: How do we know God loves us?

Bottom Line: God gave us Jesus.

Basic Truth: God loves me.

The Bottom Line: God Gave Us Jesus

Story: Jesus is Born

Luke 2:1-7

          As you may recall God told Mary that she was going to have a baby and the time was coming to give birth. Joeseph who was traveling with Mary on a donkey came to his hometown of Bethlehem in search of a place to stay. However, the inn that they visited had no places left to stay and traveled to another one where there was also no room. The innkeeper did say that there was a small place in the stable with the animals where they could stay. It did not take long before God’s gift to the world arrived and Jesus is born! It was here that Christmas was born because through Jesus and his love for us we may be with him forever.

God did not have to give us his son, in fact, Jesus didn’t have to go on the cross either, he was sinless and could have just saved himself from the pain. Yet he stayed and took it all for us because he wanted us to to be free from our sins!

 Feel free to use this guide to revisit this lesson throughout your week: Week 2 Parent Guide


This week we began our Christmas series The Big Give: Think Outside the Box! where we are talking about Generosity: Making someone’s day by giving something away!

Week Two

Key Question: Why is it important to give to others? Kids have been told since they were very young that they should share and give to others. As they grow into their teenage years, it’s important for them to understand why that’s true. We’ll give kids a chance to answer that question for themselves, and discover that generosity changes your entire perspective on the world God made. Life isn’t about me. It’s about what God is doing through me to show His love to the world.

In Luke 12:13-21, we find Jesus sharing a parable of a rich young man. This rich man experienced such a harvest that he ended up with more than he needed. Instead of seeing how he could use the extra to help others, he stores it up for himself. He loses his life and doesn’t get to enjoy it anyway.

Bottom Line: Don’t miss your chance to give. Sometimes even when we are thankful for all we have, we often still want the next best thing and always want more. Like the farmer, he did anything he could to make sure he could keep as much for himself as he could. We want kids to understand that when we focus on others, we’re more likely to see the needs around us and be generous in how we help meet those needs.

Feel free to use this guide to revisit this lesson throughout your week: God Times Week 2

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