New Years Weekend Recap! (Week 5)

Geez….. It already New Years it seems just yesterday we celebrated Christmas and now we are into 2018 bringing us our new resolutions, and plans for the year ahead of us (Kind of hoping it goes slower this time). With that here is your Week 5 Recap.


This week we continued into the fifth and final week of our series Special Delivery🎁 where we take the time to celebrate the wonderful but often overlooked story of the birth of Jesus! 

Week Five

Memory Verse: “God has given a son to us.” Isaiah 9:6, NCV

Key Question: How do we know God loves us?

Bottom Line: God gave us Jesus.

Basic Truth: God loves me.

The Bottom Line: God Gave Us Jesus

Story: The wise men come to see God’s son.

The Wise Men • Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11

We talked about the story of how the wise men had come to find baby Jesus.

When he was born a star that shone brighter than all the others shone in the sky, it was this star they followed right to Jesus!  As soon as they arrived they immediately knew they had found him, worshipped him and gave him many gifts. But they were some of the first to know that Jesus was going to be the greatest gift ever given to the world!

Prayer: “Heavenly Father, thank You for placing the star in the sky so those wise men could find Jesus and know that You love them too! Thank You for sending Jesus to us. Help us to remember that You LOVE us so much. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.”

Week 5 Parent Guide 


This week we brought to a close our December series The Big Give: Think Outside the Box!🎄 where we are talking about Generosity: Generosity is making someone’s day by giving something away!

Week Five

Key Question: How can you be more generous? Isn’t it true that although we know we should be generous, we often do the bare minimum when it comes to giving? What if kids decided to go above and beyond with their generosity? We think that if kids were generous with their time and energy, with their patience and grace, that life would look different for them. They’d show others what it means to follow Jesus and show the world a glimpse of how generous He is to us.

We wrap up Christmas week in Matthew 2:1-12, and find wise men traveling from the East to show generosity to a newborn king. After discovering a unique star in the sky, they followed it and it led them to the home of Jesus. Each one of their gifts for Him was thoughtfully chosen and fit for a king.

Bottom Line: Give like you’re giving to God. While Christmas is a time to think about giving big, we want kids to realize that they can give big all throughout the year. As we focus on the people God has put in our lives, we’ll soon notice how we can be generous towards them. When we show big generosity, we live like we’re giving to God.

God Times Week 5

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