5 Great Worship Songs For Your 6-11 year old

In Waters Kids one of our favorite moments of service is worship. Just getting to dance around and give praise to God with the kids is amazing. Though many adults can take any worship song and connect to it is hard to find songs that kids can take in and worship to. So we took 5 of our favorites and put them down for you and your kids to enjoy!

On every song title is an embedded link for you to check the song out, enjoy!

  1. “All About You”- Planetshakers 

This song is very upbeat and easily something to jam out to. It has a modern feel that can get your kids on their feet, but a message that helps them know God is there for it all.

“I exist to bring You praise
And to shout no other name
But Jesus
You’re like no other
For Your love is greater
And You are the center of it all
It’s all about You”

2. “Real Love”-  Hillsong Young & Free

This song brings out the point of how true God’s love for us is. Jesus keeps us close and he will never give up on us making it a wonderful choice for this list.

“You’re pulling me closer and closer
Holding my heart till the very end
Jesus, I’m found in your freedom
This is real love, this is real love”

3. “For Your Glory”- Elevation Church Kids

This brings together an electronic blend with the voices of the band. This makes for a great song to bring kids onto their feet and just dance around and bop their heads to. It is also a reminder to give praise to God as he is the one who made us and deserves it.

“There is freedom in Your name

We will never be the same We are alive, we are alive in you

There is power in Your name In our weakness You’re our strength We are alive, we are alive in You”

4. “At The Top of my Lungs”- Orange Kids Music 

This song brings a fantastic mix of music and lyrics, this is one of our personal favorites. Easily a shoe-in for this list and a great suggestion for your child at home!

“At the top of my lungs I’ll sing
With all of my hear I will praise you
God you are everything
You’re the reason that I lift my voice At the Top of my lungs”

5. “Dance” Planetshakers

Planetshakers are a terrific band for kids worship and we couldn’t pick just one song from them for this list. Dancing may be a part of what your kids do while listening to this song but it keeps its message clear.

“Everybody, give it up for Jesus
Give Him glory, for He has redeemed us
Everybody, give it up for Jesus
Praise His name”

We hope you and your kids will enjoy these songs and we will see you all this weekend!

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